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Google’s new core update for July will impact all websites appearing on the first page of Google

Uh-oh! It’s that time of the year again. The time of year where all your hard work in SEO could potentially be ERASED by Google’s new search engine rollout.

Updates to the search engine are not uncommon with Google, in fact, Google performs minor system updates all the time with 350 changes in 2010 and as many as 3,200 search engine updates in 2018 according to Search Engine Land.

So wait, if google has rolled out that many updates in a year, why should this be anything to worry about? Two words, Artificial Intelligence, or AI. We know you’ve been hearing about the big change the introduction of Artificial Intelligence will have on the world and they’re no exaggeration. Unlike the last updates, Google’s new AI will be able to make better decisions as to what deserves to be on the front page.

This change can really sweep the rug from right under your website and all that hard work to get on the front page will go up in smoke unless you’re prepared. Luckily, Google does not do a full rollout right away to give small business owners a chance to catch up. Google will do a full rollout in the middle of July.

So what are the updates you need to be aware of?

1. Page Experience

Simply put, do users like your site? Let’s say you have been in business for a while, ten years or so, you put a site together when you started and just left it alone. Because of your site’s age, your website has managed to stay on top of the search results purely because your website is old and has seen clients find their way there and order something. It works well so why fix it right? Wrong, with the new 2021 update, Google will place more emphasis on the time on page each user that came from their search engine spends on your site. This means that if a potential client finds you on Google, and even though you have what they are looking for, they immediately click out after not liking the look of your site, you will see your site fall in the rankings fast.

2. Core Web Vitals

What does that even mean? Basically, core web vitals are your site’s performance. Performance? What do you mean by performance? It’s a website. That’s all it needs to be. Well, not necessarily, imagine comparing a civic to a corvette. While they both get you to point B, the corvette would be worth more because its nice interior keeps people looking and its engine’s top speed makes people want to be part of that experience. A site is no different, Google will rank you higher if you can bring people to your site and keep them engaged as well as how quickly your site is. Remember, Google tracks EVERYTHING. To view more detailed information click here.

3. Mobile Friendly

Website mobile design

BestLyfe Group upgraded a website with a new look that was true to the client’s vision






According to Google, more than half of all searched volume comes from mobile devices. What this means for you is if your website does not also cater to mobile users, then you are literally leaving more than half of the money on the table for your competition to take. A good website is mobile-friendly. Now while it is difficult to create a responsive website without hiring out, to be able to pick up the remaining money you’ve been leaving behind, it’s an investment worth making. Consider a company, such as BestLyfe Group that specializes within your niche to have the best result in SEO and AD campaigns








4. Answer Their Questions

People are always looking for answers to their questions, in fact, questions are some of the most searched topics on Google! To answer people’s questions quicker, Google has put more emphasis on the “People Also Ask” section of their search engine. This section will search FAQs on your website and rank your answer to their questions directly on the first page.

So does this mean we should all start putting in a Q&A section on all of our sites? Problem solved right? Well, yes but no, you solved the problem of showing up on the first page’s Questions section but remember, your goal is not really to show up on the first page it’s to make money, by answering the client’s question in full before they even have to click on your site, why would they land there? This is where content strategies come in handy.

5. Rater Data

Rater data goes a bit further than just the reviews section in your Google My Business. With the new rollout, Google has placed more emphasis on something you have little control over. Over the years, Google has been recruiting regular people as “local guides” to take snapshots of businesses, these images are used for Google’s AI to learn from and give credibility to the local guides. The local guides can use this credibility to make or break a business on Google’s search engine. Which can negatively impact your site for a long time if the local guide gives you a negative review or reports your business. The best way to prevent local guides from impacting your rankings is, to be honest in your services and provide great customer service when working with customers.


Google’s new AI algorithm changes can be scary because of the possible loss of your SEO progress but it can be managed if you have the right information and strategy in place before the full rollout.

  • Focus on the user and the content you are providing your users. Make sure they can enjoy your website from all devices.
  • A fast website is a good website
  • Answer questions. Whatever questions they may have, you should be able to answer. Good answers make it to the top of the search engine results but that’s not the end goal.
  • Provide excellent service to your physical customers, you never know who can be a local guide nowadays.

Do you have some experience with a local guide? Share your experience below.

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