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Last month we began the conversation about Seasonal SEO and we focused on On-Page SEO.This month, we want to discuss Pay Per Click ads and Off Page SEO. This includes Google Ads, Facebook Instagram, and the like.They all require seasonal attention as well. Just as with on-page SEO, your ads need to be updated regularly and seasonally. This month, we’ve brought in our Ads Campaign strategist to give us more insight. Katrina, what are some things that need to be focused on in PPC campaigns as the seasons change?

That’s right Jason. All of your advertising needs to be changed seasonally. Some platforms handle searches without any issues, but some require more attention.

Google Ads

Google is one of those platforms that handle seasonality fairly well if you are using Dynamic Search Ads.You really see this when using Google’s DSA. This is because dynamic search ads use what is on your website to create ad sets. As long as your website is being updated with respect to the season then your dynamic search ad will have relevant text.

However, when building campaigns with a focus on a certain category or item, you will need to dedicate more attention to your ad sets. Building category and item focused campaigns will require more time, so make sure to set some time apart where you can truly focus on updating your ads.

If you are not using a targeted campaign, you should still take a look at the wording in your ads to make sure they match the seasons.

For example, when using a campaign focused on water slides, you should pause the campaign in the cooler months. You won’t lose the data if you pause a campaign. You can then come back when things start to warm up and confirm that the copy still applies to your services and offerings then reactivate the campaign.

You should also keep a close eye on your bidding strategy. As the seasons change, you should notice changes in bid pricing.

If your company shuts down for the winter, you shouldn’t necessarily turn off your ads. Changing your ad strategy to focus on building your brand is a much better idea. While it may not result in any direct sales initially, when you open back up and re-launch your other ad campaigns, your customers will know your name, have more brand recognition and should be more likely to make a purchase.

Facebook and Instagram

Tending to your Facebook ads can be very similar to your Google strategy. One thing to keep in mind along with your wording is the imagery you use in your ads. Facebook ads are distinctly different because of the visuals used and the platform on which they are presented. They need to reflect the message you are trying to communicate.

Digital Ads Tips

While a Google Ad can talk about Christmas rentals, a Facebook ad with Santa bouncing on a moonwalk, sliding down a slide or riding your trackless train screams Christmas without any text at all. However, the text is still an important piece. Facebook allows the use of emojis and encourages creative short writing. The trick is to keep it short while grabbing the attention of the user so they will engage with your ad.

Incorporate any coupon codes you use to reflect the season and make them easier to remember. How about “Santa” which gives you $10 off a rental or “Cupid10” which may offer a 10% off order over $200? Easy to remember and ties into your ads’ theme and the season. When offering a coupon code, don’t forget to create and activate the coupon within ERS.

Again, watch your bidding strategy for Facebook ads as the seasons change. It is also important to verify that your ads are working properly and tracking conversions. If you have questions about your conversions, your return, or conversion rate make sure to ask your advertising manager or reach out to our team for our tools on how you can check the report for yourself.

Thank you Katrina for such a great introduction to campaign ads. Next we’re going to talk about Google My business.

Your GMB is considered Off Page SEO. Posting pictures of water slides when everyone is thinking about sweater weather doesn’t make sense. Make sure your posts make sense to the season you are heading into and be sure to post often. Google loves content

Other than your posts, you should also examine the rest of your GMB. If you have an off season, change your hours. Make sure your items are in the right category in your product description.

Be sure you are verified by Google. They’ll send you a postcard with a code. Without verification, you’re limited to what you can post on your GMB and will make rankings more difficult because your business is lacking important information that Google needs to know from the owner. Understand that you may not be able to post before you’re verified

Pay attention to the images and words you post and make sure they appeal to a potential customer’s needs as your GMB is now part of your company’s identity and brand.

Overall, seasonal SEO is something that can be a bit of a challenge, but if done right, it would give your website free SEO momentum to start ranking against your competitors.

The easiest way to manage this is to set an event on your calendar to make a post. Keep it short, provide value to your customer and provide a link to your website. Of course there’s more to your GMB but that’s all you need to start.

Many rental companies see a dip after October and find themselves with a bit of extra time. Use this “off season” to develop your calendar or spend some time developing your site with a digital marketing company.

Find a digital marketing company that specializes in all things digital media for a living and have first hand experience with your company’s niche. At BestLyfe Group, that’s what we do. We have years of rental industry experience just like you!

Now instead of bounce houses, we deliver value to our customers in many ways, a couple being with great Google rankings, well managed Ads that focus on delivering more customers so you can finally free up time and spend it with family. With how busy the event rental space can be, do you really want to juggle yet another business task?

If you are interested in website design, SEO, Ad management or operational business consulting, lean on our experience and Book a free 30-minute consultation to discuss how we can help you become more successful. That’s it for now. Thanks for watching.

We’ll see you next time!

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