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Case Study

The Challenge

Cowboy Party Rentals has been one of the fastest growing ERS users in recent years. Although their growth was impressive, the owners, Billy & Leigh, knew they needed to improve processes, move into a bigger work space, develop a structured management team with clearly defined roles, and leverage digital marketing to grow their business to the next level.

The Plan

In clearly knowing where he wanted to take his company, the owner, also knew he had never charted a path like this before. Instead of trying to master everything on his own, he sought out help from people who had already been where he wanted to take his business. That landed him in Atlanta in 2020.

During a brief two day trip, Billy worked with the team at BestLyfe Group to get a better understanding of what his vision looked like at scale. While in Atlanta, they navigated through operational questions, training process for different roles, and more. While it was a successful trip, it was also an overload of information to process.

In February of 2021, Billy came to the conclusion that he could not do this at the rate he wanted all on his own leading him to reach out to BestLyfe Group for help. Through our discussion with Billy we prescribed a plan to manage his SEO and paid Ads, update his website, meet consistently for coaching calls, planned operational on-site visits, and so much more. The mutual end goal being, Billy worked less in his business, more on his business. With that goal Billy was empowered and able to develop other businesses and crush his 2020 revenue in hopes to reach the One Million Dollar mark.

The Process

Once Billy made the commitment to go all in with us, we immediately began doing a deep dive in his available data.

  • ERS Reports

  • Google Analytics

  • Google Ads

Using data to identify areas of opportunity

ERS Reporting offers a whole range of useful information. Our key focus was on utilization reports and sales by item. In a nut shell, if it wasn’t moving, sell it. If the item or unit was moving often, find out how often it was sold out and increase investment in that item. Also, in knowing his current inventory and max utilization, we were able to calculate what his revenue numbers could be with that current inventory. If you want to get to a $1,000,000 in sales, you’ve got to have the inventory to support it.

In reviewing his Google Analytics account, we were quickly able to identify that it was not configured correctly. There were no filters in place to remove internal booking traffic which gives you an artificially high conversion rate. There was only one report view therefore changes to the account could not be tested before making them live, and there weren’t any excluded referral domains. After cleaning all of this up, we were able to get a better understanding of where his traffic was coming from, where in the process customers were abandoning the site, and with this information we were able to make changes to establish one of our best client website conversion rates to date.

Cowboy Party Rentals' Dream Team

The team at Cowboy Party Rentals operates as a big business while also treating each of their employees like family. Happy and fulfilled employees always pay for themselves in spades.

The Results

BestLyfe Group put Billy’s needs front and center while making sure the results aligned perfectly.

During BestLyfe Group’s on-site visit in Dallas, we were able to revamp the website of his second business, Texas Jumps, and launch his customer pick-up model. This allowed Billy to generate more revenue with items that weren’t being utilized or could not be delivered if there were capacity issues. We also established clear defined roles and responsibilities for the management team, as well as gave direct insight to some opportunities within their staffing structure and operation.

The SEO team positioned Cowboy Party Rentals as the dominant event rental company in both the Dallas & Fort Worth area consistently ranking them on the first page for the items that our client wanted to promote such as water slides, bounce houses, tents, and mechanical rentals.

His paid ads were revamped providing a consistent 10x or more return. We established a dynamic digital catalog for his Facebook Page, which retargeted users that did not checkout on his site, as well as users that were shopping his competition. All that being said, he spent a little over $10k in ads his first 6 months with BestLyfe and got a return of over $100k.

All together, Billy made a $36k investment in BestLyfe and within the first 6 months, was able to boost revenue by 93%, adding over $500k to his bottom line.

Billy was so pleased with the results the team at BestLyfe Group produced that he enrolled his other businesses, Cowboy Dumpster Rentals and Texas Jumps, for the team to manage the ad accounts, SEO, and optimize their respective websites.


Google Ads Return

Put $1 in and get $10 out.


Website Traffic Increase

A strong SEO strategy makes for a big payoff.


Increase in Sales

More revenue. More profit. More family time.

Premier Member | Billy Fields


Owner and Operator, Billy Fields is Proud to Trust the BestLyfe Team With:

Cowboy Dumpster Rentals

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