Bounce House Rental Company

Case Study

The Challenge

Due to the pandemic and various other market issues, Bounce House Rental Company, like many other businesses, had to pivot its business model in order to survive. They still wanted to service the community, but needed to do so while still maintaining a great value to customers, a low headcount for staff, and be profitable at the end of it all.

The Plan

With raising labor costs, a decrease in employees, and no end in sight, a drastic restructuring of the business took place in 2021. So like any forward thinking organization, they acted fast and Bounce House Rental Company, restructured their entire business. No longer would they deliver party rental services, they decided to only offer customer pickups, and have the customer come to them.

The Process

After deciding to pivot from delivery to customer pickup, many things needed to change.

  • The website had to be completely redesigned to convey the new business model appropriately in order to eliminate confusion.

  • The system to support the e-commerce service brand had to be completely reconfigured.

  • Operating days and hours changed from being weekend heavy to being busy on Fridays and Mondays.

  • Dedicated staff was reduced from delivery drivers, management, customer service, and so on to just a dedicated member to load and unload orders, and make sure items were clean.

The Results

Once the changes were in place and the company was ready to effectively service customers again, they launched new marketing campaigns in order to educate target customers about the new, more affordable, party rental services they offered. The messaging was a hit and to-date Bounce House Rental Company is seeing very positive results from the business model change.

They are currently seeing average customer pickup tickets at


Increase in Sales


Dedicated Staff Member


Satisfied Customers

“We needed to find ways to be creative in order to continue to service a large number of customers and do so with a limited staff. Our customer pickup brand was able to do just that and the additional revenue pays for our sister company’s warehouse staff and then some. Overall, it has been a great success.”

Michael Walser – Owner/President


Although the new business model is still being fine tuned, it has allowed the company to maintain operations, decrease overhead cost, and still maintain high customer satisfaction. Most importantly, the business is seeing its highest year in overall revenue and has a prosperous future ahead.

Let’s Make Things Happen

Dustin Lunde
Dustin Lunde
Business Consulting Specialist
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