Case Study

The Challenge

From the beginning, Jumptastic understood the power of digital marketing and the need to get their business found on Google. Not just within the advertisement section of searches, but within the local maps section, as well as ranking organically on the first page of Google. They have spent over $1,000,000 in Google Ads to date, spending more than $800,000 over the previous 5 years alone. While their return on investment with pay-per-click advertising was significant, they were looking for ways to reduce their ad spend without losing their market share and needed to find additional means to drive traffic to their websites all the while keeping acquisition costs down.

The Plan

After working with several freelancers and companies and not seeing the results they desired, they took the project in-house. They began conducting research and understanding SEO from the inside out. Investing in tools, talented individuals of their team, and utilizing the array of information available from Google, they carved out a sound strategy to increase their reach.

The Process

In creating their SEO strategy we:

  • Did extensive keyword research

  • Defined targeted service cities

  • Renamed and redirected links around popular keywords, not jargon

  • Focused on quality content writing and on-page SEO

  • Created a solid off-page SEO plan

  • Optimized their Google My Business

  • And More

Data leads to the desired destination quicker

With all of the data at hand and a quality outline that paved the way, our team went to work.

The Results

After years of consistent work on search engine optimization (SEO), Jumptastic’s organic traffic rose to such a level that they were able to drive down their advertisement budget significantly. Through their journey, Michael, Brad, Dustin, and various other members of the Jumptastic team, got creative and did some industry firsts. At one point, Jumptastic had over 5,000 web pages. They appear on the first page of Google in over 200 cities they service. They have over 500 Google Reviews and optimized their Google My Business pages in order to dominate local searches. They consistently maintain industry leading health scores across their site. They have multiple secondary domains that rank and point traffic to their main site netting them an additional 6 figures a year in referral revenue and at the same time their list of SEO accomplishments continues to grow. At the end of 2020, they then handed their work off to the BestLyfe Group team so that continued work could be done full-time dedicated to increase their presence and marketshare.

In 2021, increased site traffic, as well as a labor shortage, forced Jumptastic to make some changes to their marketing strategy and operations. So in May of 2021, Jumptastic completely turned off their Google Ad Campaigns and not only maintains their market share and revenue, but actually saw an increase. Over the summer, they were able to drive enough organic traffic to their site that they set a monthly record of $366,824 worth of rentals while not spending any money on PPC advertising.


Google Ad Spend



Unique User Sessions



Conversion Rate


A Word From Our Client

“We have not given up on PPC advertising, but are now planning to focus on only doing it for hyper-targeted campaigns,” said Michel Walser, owner of Jumptastic. “We don’t have to spend hours each week actively managing our campaigns and can focus more on our business and our customers.”

According to Michael, “We are able to take our advertising budget and use that money to reinvest in other areas of our business to continue our growth.” Jumptastic has been able to purchase new inflatables to increase their inventory, continue staff development and focus on their processes to provide exceptional customer service at a time many other companies are struggling to remain in operation due to myriad of challenges.

“When employment conditions change in the future, we will take a look at PPC ads again to help bring in additional rentals,” said Michael. “Until then, we are confident that the changes BestLyfe Group continues to do with our online strategies will continue to support our business.”


Sales Chart

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Dustin Lunde
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