San Diego Kids’ Party Rentals

Case Study

The Challenge

In 2019, San Diego Kids’ Party Rentals achieved its best year ever in overall sales. Following the monumental year, a pandemic, lockdowns, labor shortages, and a company focus of servicing mostly large events made operating in Southern California next to impossible. All things considered, San Diego Kids Party Rentals needed to make some changes in order to bounce back strong in 2021.

The Plan

As Greg, the Owner and President of San Diego Kids Party Rentals, began to kick off the 2021 season, he knew it was time to connect with a company to help him get some marketing muscle and a newly established plan of action to get his business back on track. After a strategy session with Dustin, and understanding Michael’s track record of success, Greg made the decision to become a Platinum Member of BestLyfe Group to leverage our collective talents, giving him a greater opportunity to leverage his time working on his business vs trying to keep up with the ever-changing marketing world.

The Process

Once the relationship was established, we did a complete analysis of his business.

  • We analyzed his inventory and what full utilization would like for annual revenue.

  • We reviewed his delivery area and developed a system that provided in-depth data to what his true cost to deliver was.

  • We conducted a front-end user experience audit in order to identify areas of opportunity to increase online conversions.

  • We reviewed his current pricing structure and cost to deliver and established new prices that were in-line with his profitability goals.

  • We then established a free delivery model to give him more marketing muscle over his competition, while maintaining the profitability his business needed.

The Results

Through the collection and review of all of this information, Greg and the BestLyfe Team were able to execute a new strategy to revamp his business to target more backyard smaller parties vs. the larger corporate events they were accustomed to.

With the newly carved out plan, challenges were met as more delivery staff would need to be recruited since the business would now be more logistically heavy. Greg foresaw this early on and changed their model to offer multi-day rentals for a great value, allowing them to spread the deliveries and pickups out over several days, vs just one.

Along with the new plan, we also managed Greg’s ad accounts, helped him establish a presence on Indeed to find new talent, we redesigned his website, offered monthly coaching calls, visited his business for operational training, and more.

During our on-site visit in San Diego, we were able to revamp their customer pickup model in ERS and make it more user friendly. We established premium pricing around time sensitive deliveries which would increase revenue. We also spent some time speaking with his management team about routing, inventory selection, recruiting, and more.

Currently San Diego Kids Party Rentals is on track to beat their annual targeted revenue goal and is poised to have a great 2022 season.


Increase in Average Ticket

Adding $ to their bottom line


In Search Results

For dozens of high volume keywords



Across the San Diego Area

“I am with them, they have been awesome. From site changes, site maintenance, SEO, and marketing ideas, they are on it. They also keep doing work to make sure we keep getting more sales, not just a one time shot. I would definitely talk to them.”

Greg Knight
San Diego Kids’ Party Rentals’ President


Though the original foundation of Greg’s business has shifted from large corporate events to smaller backyard parties, San Diego Kids Party Rentals has been able to maintain its operation, while many party rental companies in his area have permanently closed. They still service thousands of customers in the Greater San Diego Area, and do so with a high level of customer satisfaction.

Let’s Make Things Happen

Dustin Lunde
Dustin Lunde
Business Consulting Specialist
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