The Playground Games

Case Study

The Challenge

The PlayGround Games, based in Deerfield, IL, is a small business that was founded by Ryan Miller in 2018. In 2019 they doubled their sales and were on pace to have an incredible 2020. Their key focus was on larger events, building relationships with businesses and the community, and they were doing just that. When the 2020 pandemic hit and forced them to shut down for an extended period of time, Ryan knew that in order to bounce back strongly in 2021 and beyond, their business model and how they operated would need to change.

The Plan

Ryan reached out to our coaching team for help. After our initial 45 minute call, it was clear that Ryan was serious about his business and getting results, but wasn’t entirely sure what challenges to tackle first.

The Process

Some copy here. The structure for “process” here is slightly different from other case studies.

During our call it was discovered that in order to grow his operations, we needed to…

  • Focus on creating a website with a great user experience (UX) in order to increase online conversions

  • Get a clear SEO strategy in place in order to drive organic traffic

  • Decrease inefficiencies by getting the business centered to one operation location

  • Create some marketing muscle by offering his customers Free Delivery

  • Harness the power of consistent business coaching

After carving out an initial strategy for growth, Ryan became a Platinum Member of BestLyfe Group and we began making the plan come to life.

Our Design team quickly began working on recreating his site, which to date, has one of the highest conversion rates in the industry.

Our SEO team began creating a roadmap for driving high traffic to his site and completely revamped the website making it SEO friendly. In making it search engine optimized, we instituted an incredible linking strategy that supported getting all of his web pages indexed and to date added linking power to his primary site.

We then channeled the power of the new improved site and developed ad campaigns that have provided PlayGround Games a consistent return of 10x or more their ad investment.

Platinum Client - Ryan M.

Platinum-level clients get the benefit of receiving a visit to their base of operations from two of BestLyfe Group’s senior consultants. Between them, Micheal and Dustin have more than 4 decades of applied business experience in organizing, scaling, and monetizing businesses of multiple industries all over the United States. Their track record of converting family “side hustles” to full-blown businesses is incomparable to any small-scale digital consulting group.

The Results

After our initial analysis and months of positive traction, we met with Ryan in-person to get a first hand look at his operation to analyze where he could make positive strides to further improve his business. We broke down the inefficiencies of both the logistics and financials of PlayGround Games’ current business practices and created a plan to improve both areas.

Shortly thereafter, Ryan positioned PlayGround Games in a warehouse, centrally locating his team, his inventory, and himself. Additionally, Ryan began leasing another vehicle to increase their delivery efforts. Previously, Ryan’s office was at his home, his inventory was scattered amongst 5 storage units, and they cleaned their units off-site in a separate location. After the move, Ryan and his team became more efficient and the team morale increased noticeably.

To-date Ryan continues to smash through his company growth goals and has a solid foundation for 2022 and beyond.


Return on Ad Spend

Google Ads


Total Order Increase

Over their previous best year


New Google Reviews


A Word From Our Client


By being a Platinum Level BestLyfe Group client, Ryan was able to radically transform himself and his business in a matter of months span.

  • He paid off his credit card debt.

  • His credit score increased 72 points.

  • The company acquired its first operational warehouse.

  • Ryan was able to leverage a good relationship to acquire some quality inflatables when the market providers did not have inventory.

  • He utilizes new systems to streamline scheduling, payroll, hiring, and so much more.

Ryan was able to change his business from the inside out and now sees this as a true business that can provide for him and his team for decades to come.

Let’s Make Things Happen

Dustin Lunde
Dustin Lunde
Business Consulting Specialist
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