San Diego Kids Party Rentals

As the Owner of San Diego Kids Party Rentals began to kick off the 2021 season, he knew it was time to connect with a company to help him get some marketing muscle and a newly established plan of action to get his business back on track. After a strategy session with Dustin, and understanding Michael’s track record of success, Greg made the decision to become a Platinum Member of BestLyfe Group.

San Diego Kids Party Rentals is the company to hire for a spectacular event or party! From carnival games and inflatables to spooky decor and a talking rooster, they have the largest inventory in their area which is complimented by their excellent customer service. Much like our client, BestLyfe Group has a large marketing tool box


Premier Service Member
  • Website Redesign
  • SEO
  • Paid Ads
  • Content Creation
  • Coaching
  • ERS Concierge

Web Design

Our Design team focused on preserving the brand style of San Diego Kids Party Rentals and remaining sensitive to their service area. We highlighted images from their recent events as well as stock images that appeared to be in a beautiful sunny San Diego. Brand colors are used through the site in the navigation, footer, buttons, and “Get Started” pill. Part of their web design as a Platinum was the creation of graphics and copywriting. Graphics were used to better promote the client’s feature categories thus increasing the booking rate for items within the categories and increasing conversions.

Before and After

SDKPR BeforeSan Digego Kids Party Rentals

Mobile Optimization

Did you know Google’s default search engine ranks their websites based on mobile view? This is because 55% of all website traffic comes from mobile devices! So if your digital marketing company is not designing your website based on mobile traffic, then you are already falling behind before even getting started with your website redesign.

SDKPR mobile optimization
BLG provides mobile optimization

We Let Our SEO Speak for Itself


SEO Site Health Score

By fixing technical errors and maintaining their health score above 90% Google favors their site.


SERP Rankings

This Client dominates the Google search results for his area, far outpacing his competitors


Optimized City Pages

Targeting specific cities and getting them to rank high has resulted in strong page optimization.

Paid Ads


Cost Per Click


Avg. Conversion Rate


Total Leads


Avg. Cost Per Lead




“I am with them, they have been awesome. From site changes, site maintenance, SEO, and marketing ideas, they are on it. They also keep doing work to make sure we keep getting more sales, not just a one time shot. I would definitely talk to them.”

Greg Knight - SDKPR
Greg Knight

Owner | San Diego Kids Party Rentals

Additional Premier Services

  • Admission to BestLyfe Group’s Annual Summit
  • Conversion Booster package
  • Dedicated ERS Concierge Support From BestLyfe Group
  • Invitation to a Mastermind Day with BestLyfe Group

Let’s Make Things Happen

Dustin Lunde
Dustin Lunde
Business Consulting Specialist
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