The PlayGround Games

The Playground Games was founded by Ryan Miller in 2018. In 2019 they doubled their sales and were on pace to have an incredible 2020. When the pandemic hit, Ryan knew that in order to bounce back in 2021 and beyond, their business model and operations would need to change. BestLyfe Group created a strategy plan that would allow them to excel as a business.


  • Website Redesign
  • SEO
  • Paid Ads
  • Coaching
  • & More!

Web Design

Our Design team quickly began working on recreating our client’s website, which to date, has one of the highest conversion rates in the industry. The site’s standard online store has been replaced with an amazon style carousel that displays items in a way that shoppers are familiar with and naturally gravitate towards leading to high conversions. The graphics entice the customer to click on a category set and creates a sense of ‘fear-of-missing-out’, all without using words. Our client’s website design and structure is a great display of best practices when using multiple vibrant colors in the design, copy, graphics and imagery.

Before and After

Beforeevent rentals success story

Mobile Optimization

Did you know Google’s default search engine ranks their websites based on mobile view? This is because 55% of all website traffic comes from mobile devices! So if your digital marketing company is not designing your website based on mobile traffic, then you are already falling behind before even getting started with your website redesign.

BLG provides mobile optimization

We Let Our SEO Speak for Itself


SEO Site Health Score

Google gives the top ten search results spots to only sites with a high health score.


SERP Rankings

Strong keyword presence in the company’s area resulting in Top 5 and Number 1 search listings. 


Optimized City Pages

Targeting specific cities and ranking high in that area is proven to be beneficial.

Paid Ads


Avg. Cost Per Click


Avg. Conversion Rate


Impression Share


Avg. Return on Amount Spent


During our monthly coaching calls and on-site trainings, we focused on process development, moving his logistics heavy operation into one location, systems that could support HR/Admin and other roles, inventory utilization, and many more things. Ryan consistently brings lots of great questions to each call and does a great job following through with what he needs to do in order to meet his business goals.

Ryan Miller - PlayGround Games


“After doing more research I kept hearing about BestLyfe Group in a lot of the online party rental groups. I set up my free 45-minute call with Dustin and was absolutely blown away…”

Platinum Client - Ryan M.
Ryan Miller

Owner | The PlayGround Games

Additional Premier Services

  • Admission to BestLyfe Group’s Annual Summit
  • Conversion Booster package
  • Dedicated ERS Concierge Support From BestLyfe Group
  • Invitation to a Mastermind Day with BestLyfe Group

Let’s Make Things Happen

Dustin Lunde
Dustin Lunde
Business Consulting Specialist
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