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Jason Salgado
Jason SalgadoIT and SEO Specialist
Jason is a former Army combat medic, entrepreneur, and freelancer. Jason started his career in SEO doing freelance in 2017. He has a methodical and organized approach to SEO and he encourages his clients to learn and participate in the SEO process to grow their business.

Jason has an undergraduate degree in Environmental Biology with a minor in Information Technology. During the height of the COVID pandemic, Jason worked as a paramedic for the city of Atlanta doing his part to help the community. After contracting and recovering from the virus in mid-2020, Jason shifted his focus back to helping his community’s struggling businesses through his knowledge and expertise in SEO.

Outside of work, Jason is a blue belt in Brazilian jiujitsu, an amateur botanist, and shelters homeless dogs for the humane society as a volunteer.

Brad Thorson
Brad ThorsonIT and SEO Specialist
Brad Thorson is a former Marine Corps Combat Correspondent, and is a Manufacturer Certified Inflatable Repair Technician, entrepreneur and a proud husband and father of two teenage children. Brad has been working inside the inflatable rental business for more than 10 years working on operational processes, SEO and ensuring the proper repair of items for numerous companies.

He has worked with growing a number of companies in his career. The most significant included working with a party rental company growing from 20 inflatables to more than 1,000 rental items and over $2 million in revenue.

When it comes to inflatables, Brad has been the go-to guy for many operators for repairing, buying, selling and is often a source used to talk through issues related to their operations and growth challenges.

When not working with companies on their growth, Brad enjoys being a dad and husband. His two children are very active in softball/baseball and football.

Katrina Eslava
Katrina EslavaDigital Marketing Manager
Katrina is an experienced creator, communications, and marketing professional specializing in content strategy and design. Her core passions in the digital marketing space are user experience, project management, coding, and analytics.

Katrina has a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and a Masters Degree in Business and Technology from the University of Georgia.

Outside of work Katrina focuses on serving others while making a difference locally and around the work. She is an active coach in her local community church and also owns a flower truck.

Michael Walser
Michael WalserCo-Founder
Michael is an experienced and successful entrepreneur, business owner, and leader. Driven by a desire to achieve success in both his professional and personal life, he continually seeks improvement in people, product and/or services, and processes.

As Co-Founder of Bestlyfe Group, he aims to leverage his experience launching, growing and monetizing myriad businesses in diverse industry segments to assist business owners seeking their own objectives.

Among other awards, Michael was a 2016 and 2017 recipient of the Gator100 award presented by the University of Florida Center for Entrepreneurship and UF Alumni Association.

Dustin Lunde
Dustin LundeCo-Founder
Dustin is a seasoned and successful business developer with 10+ years experience managing, analyzing and developing processes and people. The majority of his work experience is in the home improvement sector where he helped businesses grow and expand their operations across the east coast. Additionally he has worked in the health & wellness and the event rental industries.

As Co-Founder of BestLyfe Group, Dustin plans to utilize his sales, marketing and team building skills to help other business owners establish and scale a business in a predictable fashion.

Outside of work, he enjoys cooking, working out, reading and spending time with his family.