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Legit SEO Agency Strategies that Get You Ranked on Page 1 of Google in 90 Days GUARANTEED

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SEO Agency “Hacks” Are All Fun and Games Until…

Google comes in like a wrecking ball, banging against every website to see which ones come loose.

Don’t lose your position overnight because of shortcuts and cheap tricks. Real search engine optimization is built through relevance, authority, and value. Small business owner in store, looking at iPad, with metrics leaping out.

BestLyfe Group only uses Google-compliant strategies to put you at the top of search results. Your gains are legitimate and long-lasting.

Our guarantee to you is serious, and so is the work we put into your site.

BestLyfe Group is committed to legitimate SEO practices, so you can trust the gains you see and keep them, no matter how often the algorithm updates.

A man is pleased with his Atlanta SEO Agency, while checking positive SEO results on Google.

A Gimmick-Free Approach to Ranking #1 in Google?

Tired of digital marketing agencies blaming your lack of visibility on “the algorithm”?

They might as well tell you the boogeyman raided Google in the middle of the night and gave the #1 spot to your most despised competitor.

Maybe you’ve never hired an outside agency but somehow feel the need to learn search engine optimization yourself so you can be prepared before calling in the calvary.

A man in a suit confidently points to a box of Zip Ultra, posing as a symbol for a gimmick to illustrate what BestLyfe Group is not. BestLyfe Group is an Atlanta SEO Agency who has helped his business obtain top SEO results!

Working with the wrong people, especially an agency practicing unethical tactics, could lead to long-term penalties, like Google wiping your site off the map, experiencing damage to your reputation, or suffering an enormous loss in revenue from the total decline of visibility.

Work with an SEO agency that only uses Google-compliant strategies and niche-specific playbooks to rank your site and position you in front of those searching for your product or service.

From the home improvement sector to the little lemonade stand on the corner, we get the job done for a wide range of businesses.

SEO LP - BestLyfe Group

Let the Numbers Speak!

Page 1 Keywords

Increase in Organic Traffic

Businesses Ranked on page 1 of Google

Green, blue and yellow downloadable guide for SEO content strategy blueprint in PDF format.

Our Unbeatable Satisfaction Guarantee

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SEO LP - BestLyfe Group

If we don’t get you ranked for any of your target keywords within 90 days, you quit paying until the results are in. In the spirit of extreme accountability, you won’t hear excuses. We study the problem, guarantee results, and pull through every time.

SEO LP - BestLyfe Group

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Hopes, wishes, and prayers are good for the soul, but they won’t get you ranked. Managing successful Facebook ad campaigns requires a strategy.

If you’re ready to play this game smart instead of hard, we’re offering free marketing blueprints to help businesses like yours hit the ground running and crush competitors into fine dust.

Scroll down to claim your free marketing strategy session and talk to an expert who knows how to get the results you’re looking for.

How It Works

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Frequently Asked Questions About Search Engine Optimization Services

Is SEO better than PPC?

Yes, and no. PPC can get you instant traffic, whereas SEO can’t. But with anything you can get in an instant—the second you stop paying—it will also be gone in an instant.

How long does it take for SEO to work?

Great question. SEO is tricky. Each industry, service area, search term, etc., has a different degree of difficulty associated with ranking for that market.

We have seen some clients climb to the number one spot in two weeks, and others take twelve months to do the same.

Regardless, like fine wine, the quality of your content and its age are additional contributing factors that play a role in how well your company ranks in the search engine.

Once my business ranks well, do I need to continue paying for SEO agency services?

Do you stop working out the second you hit your fitness goals? Probably not. When it comes to search engine optimization, taking your foot off the gas is never a good idea, for two reasons.

First is that the landscape is always changing. What works today won’t work tomorrow. You need a team that adapts your SEO strategies as the algorithm changes.

Second, your competition has probably seen you climb in the rankings and lost some market share. If they’re smart, they’re looking to regain their spot and become the new King of the Mountain.

With any investment that delivers great results, it’s probably best to keep throwing coal into the fire that keeps the engine going.

What is the difference between local SEO and your other SEO services?

Local search engine optimization is a valuable service that positions your business in a “map pack” (a.k.a. local listings on Google Maps) so that people searching for what you offer can find you in their local area. It’s cost-effective and accounts for up to 30% of the clicks on the first page of Google. Our other SEO services are designed to make you show up on the first page of Google in the organic search results. This level of exposure is responsible for up to 65% of the search engine traffic going to pages.

Think of the Google Search Results Page as a Monopoly board. If you occupy two spaces on the board through organic searches and local SEO, you increase the odds of someone interacting with your business. Thus, both are great opportunities to increase the visibility of your brand.

I’ve tried SEO with other agencies and didn’t see an ROI. How are you any different?

For starters, we don’t focus on one part of SEO.

SEO is like a woolly mammoth. It takes more than one hunter and one angle of approach to take that thing down. It takes a team charging in, covering all sides of the beast.

That’s what we do.

Many agencies “specialize” in off-page SEO, on-page SEO, content writing only, or local SEO because focusing on one aspect of “the hunt” is easy to do.

We know that a holistic approach yields the best results.

So, the biggest difference is that we have an in-house team of vetted experts, each one specializing in an aspect of SEO but working as a team in a well-choreographed plan of attack.