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Work With the Best PPC Ads Agency in Atlanta and Stop Burning Thousands of Dollars on Half-A$$ed Campaigns

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Your PPC Ads Have One Job, and It’s Not What You Think

The biggest mistake businesses make is believing their ads are supposed to sell something or close a deal.

Sure, your end goal is to sell a product or service, but your ad isn’t responsible for that. Your ad has one job, and it’s…

To get the click.

That’s it.

That one click positions prospects in front of your offer, and your offer converts all that attention into a sale.

When businesses task their PPC ads with selling at first sight, they set themselves up for the worst click-through rates on planet Earth, ballooning budgets that blow up like an atomic bomb, and returns so dry they make Death Valley look like an oasis.

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Get Some of the Best Click-Through Rates in the Business

You can’t convert people who ignore your ads. That’s why we write some of the best PPC ads in the business: the attention grabbers, the scroll stoppers, and the research-driven ads that feel like we complete your prospects’ thoughts.

Entrepreneurs like you choose BestLyfe Group because they want consistently predictable results.

Whether you’re a hands-off entrepreneur or an all-in kind of business owner, we’re ready to take your offer and position it in front of thousands of eager buyers. We deliver your offer with a dose of research-driven wit that makes it feel like a godsend every time your prospects see it.

Want to experience some of the best click-through rates in the business?

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It might be the best decision you’ll make all week…

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Working with the wrong people, especially an SEO agency practicing unethical tactics, could lead to long-term penalties, like Google wiping your site off the map, experiencing damage to your reputation, or suffering an enormous loss in revenue from the total decline of visibility.

Work with an SEO agency that only uses Google-compliant SEO strategies and niche-specific playbooks to rank your site and position you in front of those searching for your product or service.

From the home improvement sector to the little lemonade stand on the corner, we get the job done for a wide range of businesses.

PPC Ads - BestLyfe Group

Let the Numbers Speak!

In Ad Spend

Average Return

Happy Clients

Our Unbeatable Satisfaction Guarantee

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PPC Ads - BestLyfe Group

We guarantee a return on your investment within 90 days or your money back. End of story. In the spirit of extreme accountability, you won’t hear excuses. We study the problem, guarantee results, and pull through every time.

PPC Ads - BestLyfe Group

Boost Your ROI Today With Unparalleled PPC Ads Campaigns

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How It Works

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Frequently Asked Questions About PPC Ads

How much do I need to spend to see results?

The answer depends on the market you’re in and who is managing your ad campaigns.

Stiff competition for specific keywords in your market could see you spending more than someone in another niche.

Dry headlines, weak offers, and vanilla landing pages can also drive up costs. It’s harder to convert prospects into buyers when the company’s messaging is unclear or unattractive.

So, before asking how much you should spend, ask yourself, “Is my customer journey ready for ads?”

Set up a free strategy session with BestLyfe Group, and we’ll make sure you’re in good shape to run ads.

I keep hearing that I shouldn’t run ads until I get my site and my “value proposition” together; why is that?

We’re glad you asked.

It all boils down to your customer’s journey and your site’s ability to convert paid traffic into paying leads.

Their experience online is nothing more than a torrent of distractions, like:

Dry headlines are titles that don’t communicate benefits.

Cookie-cutter landing pages are like mailers you get at your home. They go straight from the mailbox to the trash.

Weak offers are so resistible, prospects wonder if you know how “business” works.

Want to know why our clients see 2x, 5x, and 10x ROI on their ad spend?

It’s because we make sure their prospect-to-customer pipeline is intact before sending paid traffic to it.

Schedule a free consultation with BestLyfe Group. We’ll review your customer journey, look for opportunities to optimize it, and create a plan that gets you incredible results.

How do you optimize your campaigns for conversions?

The goal of any Google Ads campaign is to generate conversions, such as sales, leads, or sign-ups. To optimize your campaigns for conversions, we need to track your results and make adjustments as needed.

Here are a few of the tasks we perform to optimize your campaigns for conversions:

How do you approach keyword research and targeting?

Keyword research is essential for any successful Google Ads campaign. We need to identify the keywords that your target audience is searching for and then create ads and landing pages that are relevant to those keywords.

Here are a few methods we use for keyword research and targeting, but full disclosure: we’re not dishing out our secret sauce in these FAQs. 

At a minimum, we:

Are you certified in Google Ads?

Our award-winning team is certified in Google Ads and BestLyfe Group is a Google partner. Your campaigns are in good hands.